Automatic Polystyrene Shape Moulding Machine for EPS Shutter Box
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Automatic Polystyrene Shape Moulding Machine for EPS Shutter Box

  • SPZ100-200T
  • 005

Automatic Polystyrene Shape Moulding Machine for EPS Shutter Box

Product Description

Product Description

Main Features

The polystyrene molding machine has many improvements compared to the basic type shape molding machine and the features are as follows.

1. Machine structure:

a. All frame are welded onto 16/20mm steel plate with high machines legs. This greatly improves machine strength.

b. High machine legs of the styrofoam moulding machine are made by strong “H” type profile. It is easy for the client to install the machine (only prepare floor foundation).

2. Filling system:Adopts normal pressure, vacuum for high pressurized filling. Material filling is controlled by level sensor with double rotation chamber discharge and has 44 filling outlets.

3. Steam system: The EPS moulding machine adopts balance PID control valve with German gauge. This greatly improves steam accuracy and reduces consumption by around 20% compared with A/B type.

4. Cooling system:Big vacuum pump with vertical tank, equipped with vertical vacuum cooling water spray on the top of the styrofoam moulding machine. The vacuum cooling will be used as main cooling instead of water cooling (normally water cooling will be set up only 8-12s), which will keep the water content of product less than 10%.

5. Drainage system of the EPS moulding machine: Increased large for inlet and outlet of mould, adopts 8-1” inlet foe steam, ensuring fast cycle time,6/8-2” outlet for drainage system, 6” big drainage pipe is controlled by butterfly valve, Together they greatly increase heating and drainage speed of the EPS shape moulding machine.

6. Control system:

a. Adopts PLC (Mitsubishi) and touch screen (Schneider) making operation easy.

b. All electronic components used in the styrofoam moulding machine are from famous brands, which greatly improve the machines stability.

c. The air cooling、steam、de-mould、pressure of filling of the polystyrene molding machine are controlled by long-distance balance valve.


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