SPY 70/90/120 Continuous Pre-expander (Simple)
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SPY 70/90/120 Continuous Pre-expander (Simple)

  • SPY 70/90/120

SPY 70/90/120 Continuous Pre-expander (Simple)

Product Description

The SPY 70/90/120 continuous pre-expander (Simple) machine is a simple expander equipment. Our continuous pre-expander (Simple) always be highly praised by domestic and foreign customers. The SPY 70/90/120 continuous pre-expander (Simple) will service is higher than the continuous pre-expander (simple) itself.

Main Features:

1. The continuous Pre-expander machine provides all machining process, including filling, expanding, sieving, de-lumping and conveying work automatically.

2.With primary and secondary expansion device to get density of 8-30g/L. Our continuous Pre-expander machine will provide you accurate density.

3. The first filling of EPS continuous Pre-expander machine is controlled by frequency converter.

4. The stainless steel dryer bed of the styrofoam continuous pre-expander machine will make machining process more easy and quick.

5. The power-off protection device of thermocol continuous pre-expander machine can give double insurance for the product quality.

6.Japan steam pressure reducing valve and steam-water discharge device can avoid the solidification of the water and the lumping of the foam, thus it can reduce the water entrainment rate of the material.                                                             

7.The thermocol continuous pre-expander machine can be operated easily. The operator can set feeding weight and other relevant parameters according to different material and their different density, and the setting can be saved freely, this can help the operator output directly during next cycle, this can improve the working efficiency as possible.   

Note: As for economical type of polystyrene continuous pre-expander machine, above item 3,4,5,6 will be exclusive.


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