SPC400H Vibration Cutting Machine
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SPC400H Vibration Cutting Machine

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SPC400H Vibration Cutting Machine

Product Description

Product Description

The SPC400H vibration cutting machine has high efficiency, it has a larger throughput in a short time. As we manufacture the vibration cutting machine according to the most advanced technology, it can cost saving and has long life. The vibration cutting machine is also easy to operate. 

Main Features:

1. The polystyrene cnc cutting machine is highly automated. Automatic board feeding, automatic cutting flow line, whole process PLC controlled.

2. The thermocol continuous cutting machine is designed specifically for physical properties of flame-resistant foam, which increases cutting speed substantially, lowers the possibility of sticking heating wire by flame-resistant adhesive, and significantly reduces the probability of broken wires. Our thermocol continuous cutting machine will produce you high quality foam boards and ordinary EPS boards.

3.The lateral part is used to cut off skin from four sides of single board, and two boards are cut simultaneously in longitudinal direction, the efficiency of polystyrene cutting machine is two times as that of ordinary continuous cutting machines, and has high board cutting accuracy.

4.The EPS block cutting machine is suitable for cutting flame-resistant foam boards and ordinary EPS boards.

5. High automation design, only one operator is required for operation.

6. With reasonable layout, several machines can be overlapped in layout, occupying less space than ordinary continuous cutting machines of same specification.

7. The continuous EPS block cutting machine has high efficiency and low power consumption.

8. The foam board grooving machine and packing equipment of EPS block cutting machine are optional based on customer’s demand.

SPC400H Vibration EPS Cutting Machine





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