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Efficient, rapid, energy saving building mode – ICF

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ICF (INSULATED CONCRETE FOAM) has the advantage like sound insulation, thermal insulation, fast building, etc. Because the ICF using double insulation form, coefficient of  thermal conductivity is 0.025 W/M.K. Performance is superior than layer insulation.

icf.png ICF BLOCK.png   icf.png

The modular concept ensures the construction speed. Using ICF and EPS roof panel build a villa (120) just need 2 weeks, in addition, The ICF structure has better explosion-proof, shook proof, etc. So, a large number of ICF is applied in villa and small high-rise buildings (less than 12 floor) in European, United States, Russia, central Asia. In recent years, Middle East, China and India also gradually begin this project.

At present, the size for ICF is 1200×300×500mm (single layer), the size will be vary from the different weather and floor. Considering the transportation cost, connection strength and the steel arrangement, there are several kinds of structure form as following:

About the building mode:

First leveling the ground and embedded bar (according to the number of floors), stack up the ICF and embedded horizontal bar. Pay attention to the level and vertical degree. Use PU for the joint. Considering the pressure and stability, water cement in every 2 meters, It can overlap the ICF again after the wall below is fixed setting.

In addition, This building system is always combinate with the EPS ROOF PARTS, in order to reach the comprehensive thermal insulation to the whole building. Saving electric energy 70%, it is the true sense of the GREEN HOUSE.


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